Tuesday, August 22, 2017

DCS Wi-Fi Experts - 4 Wi-Fi Services that Add Business Value

Wi-Fi is changing and we can Help

At Dynamic Cloud Solutions (DCS Netlink) we have built our security foundation on WatchGuard Security Services, and WatchGuard Wi-Fi is part of that security foundation.

Today, every business and organization has to have security installed in every part of their network(s) and Wi-Fi is no different.  Almost every business today has some type of Wi-Fi in place in an effort to service their customers better.

However, most companies just put the Wi-Fi in and never give security a second thought.

At DCS we are experts at installing and managing Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi services that are secure, and simple.

And, guess what?  Wi-Fi isn't just for surfing anymore.

Retail businesses and other organizations can use Wi-Fi to push data, coupons, or ads out to their customers while they are on your network.

That allows the Wi-Fi owner to know and understand their customers better thus resulting in a better customer & Internet experience for everyone!  Sound cool?

To learn more about WatchGuard Wi-Fi Services read our WatchGuard July blog article below and connect with us at DCS to find out how we can help you add value and security to your Wi-Fi network.  Give us a call at 877-327-6385.

4 WatchGuard Wi-Fi Services that Add Business Value

smart city and wireless communication network
As a company that sells exclusively through the channel, WatchGuard gets constant requests for new Wi-Fi services and capabilities from our MSP channel partners. Since our target market is SMBs and distributed enterprises, their Wi-Fi needs are a bit different from larger enterprises. Over time, we’ve noticed that these requests break down into four general categories and each one presents an opportunity for MSPs to create an ongoing billable service that goes beyond just connecting the customer to the internet. 
What are those four levels? Here they are from least to most complicated.
  1. Managed Wi-Fi: The MSP will handle all aspects of Wi-Fi setup and troubleshooting for the customer.
  2. Managed Wi-Fi Security: The MSP will offer Wi-Fi secured with WIDP or WIPS to keep customers safe from hackers and meet HIPAA or PCI 3.2 compliance standards.
  3. Developing the guest experience: The MSP has the ability to create login pages or push announcements that customers can use as part of their marketing strategies.
  4. Tracking real-time data: The MSP offers the ability to track metrics like footfall and the movement of connected devices within a brick-and-mortar store.
Many Wi-Fi vendors offer some or all of these services through third-party products that integrate with their Access Points (APs). Other vendors, including WatchGuard, offer them all in one complete package with WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud. It’s a true game-changer in today’s market and is engineered to provide a safe, protected airspace for Wi-Fi environments, while eliminating admin headaches and greatly reducing costs. Secure, simple and intelligent Wi-Fi that includes expansive engagement tools and visibility into business analytics. 
You can read more about these four levels of Wi-Fi service in this article in Channel Partners by Ryan Orsi, our Director of Product Management for Wi-Fi, or in ChannelPro Network. Read more about Wi-Fi security for SMBs here on Secplicity.