Tuesday, August 22, 2017

DCS Wi-Fi Experts - 4 Wi-Fi Services that Add Business Value

Wi-Fi is changing and we can Help

At Dynamic Cloud Solutions (DCS Netlink) we have built our security foundation on WatchGuard Security Services, and WatchGuard Wi-Fi is part of that security foundation.

Today, every business and organization has to have security installed in every part of their network(s) and Wi-Fi is no different.  Almost every business today has some type of Wi-Fi in place in an effort to service their customers better.

However, most companies just put the Wi-Fi in and never give security a second thought.

At DCS we are experts at installing and managing Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi services that are secure, and simple.

And, guess what?  Wi-Fi isn't just for surfing anymore.

Retail businesses and other organizations can use Wi-Fi to push data, coupons, or ads out to their customers while they are on your network.

That allows the Wi-Fi owner to know and understand their customers better thus resulting in a better customer & Internet experience for everyone!  Sound cool?

To learn more about WatchGuard Wi-Fi Services read our WatchGuard July blog article below and connect with us at DCS to find out how we can help you add value and security to your Wi-Fi network.  Give us a call at 877-327-6385.