Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bad Guys are Getting Badder, Faster then the Good Guys are Getting Gooder!

“Nothing has happened to my network, computer, or email yet, so most likely nothing will happen!”  That phrase is one I hear people make all the time.  Is that something you might say?

If you said “Yes,” then I guess you might also live by “The Odds.”  Are you a gambler?  Would you gamble your business or livelihood away?

At DCS Netlink, we don’t live by “The Odds.”  We don’t gamble when it comes to computer, network or Internet security.  The reason:  the odds are not in any person’s favor when it comes to computer, network or Internet security.  There are lots of explanations on why that is true.  

Think about these it:
  1. You are most likely a smartphone or computer user.  You are not an IT expert or even less likely to know about IT security.  Do you agree?
  2. Like most people, we are HUMAN and we don’t like change.  So, you might ask, “Why do I need to add extra security when I haven’t needed it so far?  Fair question.  Do you agree?
  3. There are lots of explanations, but there is one more…...that is security stuff is TOO expensive!  So, what most people think is that adding security also adds costs, and you want to be responsible with your money, right?  WRONG!  Your reputation in business has more value than a dollar amount.  Once you become a victim, your reputation will suffer and most likely your business will suffer, and that may translate to dollars in the end.

So, what should you do about your computer, network and Internet Security?
  1. Change your  beliefs about the BAD guys!  You need to believe that they are working hard to take you down and many of those users around you.  If you don’t believe that, then you have already most likely lost the battle.  In this day and age of the Internet of Things, the risks, vulnerabilities, and threats are increasing at an ever alarming rate and with greater consequences!  Do you agree?
  2. Find a company that will look out for your best interests, and not give you answer or propose a solution with the least cost.  Getting the right solution is more important!
  3. Partner with a computer, network and Internet Security company that has done background investigations on each and all of their employees.  After all, these engineers and technicians will most likely see some of your most confidential information in the scope of carrying out their duties.
  4. Hire a company that has gone through at least some semblance of security training on firewalls, and Internet Security.  Most IT companies do not have any formal training and/or certifications as a testimonial to their legitimacy in carrying out their duties.

So, that is the nitty gritty of IT!  If you want to know more and would like a network assessment and/or a security assessment, give us a call.  We would be happy to help coach you to a stronger and more secure future….after all, your business and reputation depend on IT!  Visit us at or call 877-327-6385.