Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Customer is NOT always right - Partnership versus Customer Service!

I recently read a great article by Danny Iny.  In that article, he points out that the customer is not always right.  He also says there is a big difference between customer service and partnership.

Mt. Ararat - 17,000 ft mountain in Turkey
Mt. Ararat (Agridag)- 17,000 ft mountain in Turkey
Ⓒ Photo by Dane Deutsch

At Deutsch's Inc., we are in the "people business" and all of our businesses (i.e.- DCS Netlink, Deutsch's Gymnastics, and Leadership Management Development Center) focus on partnerships not pure customer service.  So, I totally agree with Danny Iny.

I am not a professional climber by any stretch of the imagination, but I had the privilege of climbing Mt. Ararat (17,000 ft dangerous climb - which in Turkish, Mt. Ararat is called Agridag, which means "mountain of pain") during the 5 years I lived in Turkey.  Having made that climb, I can tell you that what Danny says about the difference between customer service and partnerships is exactly right!  He says, "Think of it this way: If you were climbing Mt. Everest, customer service is your porter. Partnership is your Sherpa climbing guide."  Perfectly said!

In other words, your porter carries your supplies for a fee...strictly transactional.  However, your Sherpa climbing guide is your key to reaching your goal (i.e.- the mountain Peak) and getting back to base camp successfully and safely.  The relationship with the Sherpa is totally transformational and Trust is two way.  Big Difference!

At Deutsch's Inc. we are all about partnerships, NOT customer service as our primary goal.  Why?  Because as Danny says, "The goal of customer service is to make the customer happy. In contrast, the goal of a partnership is for the customer to achieve their goals. Buyer and seller are both focused on a goal that's bigger than the buyer. The customer's happiness is a by-product of achieving that goal."

Dane's climbing team successfully at the top of Mt Ararat with climbing Guides

Ⓒ Photo by Dane Deutsch

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Thanks for letting me serve as your Sherpa during this short "blog."  Keep leading with Character First!  Trike On and Smile On!